“Let’s take a look at his saga in his own words: “Education has never been a priority in the community and place where I spent my early struggling years. Since survival was very difficult due to lack of resources and financial support my father had. It was very difficult for me to convince my parents and elders about my educational pursuits. But I showed promise in my career and became self


Awards / Honors/ Accolades…

Prime Minister of India Writes to Prof DP Sharma-

Prof (Dr.) DP Sharma Ji, 

I personally invite you to lend your support to the ‘Swachhata-Hi-Seva’ and dedicate some time for the cause of Swachh Bharat. Your participation will further inspire others to be a part of the movement. You can share your experience with me on the Narendra Modi Mobile App. Jai Hind. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India

Contributions of Prof DP Sharma to IT for social transformation & rehabilitation are remarkable.     

       Alberto Behar, Robotics Scientist at NASA-USA 


“Lifetime Achievements International Award (Sardar Ratn)-2015” the Award was received jointly by his Wife Mrs. Anuragi Sharma & Son Atharva Sharma [The highest Civilian Award of the Foundation in India previously conferred to Padm Vibhushan Prof CR Rao USA, Padm Shri Bollywood Actors Mr. Manoj Kumar, Mr. Paresh Raval and Padm Bhushan Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak]

  • Lifetime Achievement International Award (Sardar Ratna)-2015 (In memory of Modern India’s Architect & First Dy. Prime Minister of Independent India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel) for Outstanding Contributions through Mind of Steel in Education & Technology Transformations at Global level. [The highest Civilian Award of the Foundation in India formerly presented to world renowned 96 years old American Indian Prof. CR Rao(Padm Vibhushan, FRS and honored by 38 PhDs -, Film Actor Manoj Kumar & Pares Raval, Mr. KPS Gill (Former D.G. Punjab Police), Air Vice Marshal SN Roy & Justice Sir Moti Tikkaram, Fiji Supreme Court etc. ] 
  • Shanti Doot (Peace Ambassador) International Award)-2018 by World Peace Movement in recognition of Education, Campaign & Motivation for Peace in Cyber Space. The Award was formerly presented to Ms. Ela Gandhi, Granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi (Member of Parliament, South Africa), Shri Ravi Ray- Former Speaker Indian Loksabha (Parliament) and Shri Satya Pal Singh, HRD State Minister Govt. of India.
  • Red & White Bravery National Award-2002 for notable contributions with Social Courage in Education, Rehabilitation and Protection of Rights for Persons With Disabilities with Honesty & Anti Corruption, received from His Excellency Shri Bhawani Singh Maharaja, Jaipur –2002 [Godfrey Bravery]
  • Certificate of Appreciation /Honor for Academic & IT Industry Venture Services, Jointly by Govt. of Rajasthan and IBM-USA–2005
  • RRMI Merit Scholarship Award-1983 for English Language Proficiency by RRMI Foundation, India–1983
  • President Recognition/Award for outstanding contributions in Research, AMU under Ministry of Education Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia-2016
  • Faculty Ambassador Grant Honor-2009-10 under IBM (AI) & Amazon-USA Cloud offering-(2009-2010) [Among top ten selected Faculty Ambassadors by IBM USA]
  • Youth Vibes Honor-2014 for the outstanding contributions in IT based Rehabilitation & Social Services through Youth Mobilization-2014
  • City Icon Award-2016 for outstanding contributions in education and social justice, Jaipur-Rajasthan-2016 
  • Sardar Patel Prestigious Award-2014 by Sardar Vallabbhai Patel International Foundation for his Excellent contribution in Education -2014 
  • India PM invitation for Swachhta Mission National Brand Ambassador-2017. Prime Minister of India invited Dr. DP Sharma to join & support the National Cleanliness Drive as National Brand Ambassador. Dr. Sharma is the Professor to come aboard after the letter of PMO Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Swachhata-Hi-Seva i.e. Cleanness Drive) and feel honored to be a part of the “noble initiative”- 2017
  • First Rank Civil Services Chronicle National Award-1997 for creative writing on current affairs and secured First position in All India Civil Services Chronicle contest-1997
  • International Fellowship Award-2015 by Free Software Foundation of Europe (FSFE), Germany -2015
  • International Fellowship Awarded-2013 by International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT-Singapore)-2013
  • The Best Research Paper Award in the 4th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies (ACCT-2014) India-(2014)
  • Maru Gaurav State Award-2002 for Social Courage and Voluntary Academic Services, (Rajasthan)–2002
  • Social Service Excellence Award-2004 for Blood donation Campaign and Youth Mobilization, presented by Hon’ble Vice President, Govt. of India–2004
  • Award of Appreciation-1999 for Voluntary Sports Services for PWDs by Hon’ble Minister of Home Affairs, Govt. of Haryana–1999
  • Brahmin Ratna Award-2009 for Life Time Contributions and Achievements by Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha, presented by Hon’ble Minister of Education Govt. of Rajasthan, India–2009
  • Think Center National Award-2006 by IBM USA(Leadership Institutional Capacity in India)–2006
  • Academic Excellence Honor-2007 by IBM, USA(Leadership Institutional Capacity in India)–2007
  • The Bhama Shah Award -2020 by Collector Dholpur (Financial Support to School & College Development in the District of Rajasthan)–2020
  • The Great Mind Challenge Award-2007 by IBM-USA(Leadership Institutional capacity in India)–[2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013]
  • SR Foundation National Award-2003 for Academic achievements and contributions-2003
  • Outstanding Service Award-2009 of Honor by SBMS, Rajasthan–2009
  • Outstanding Service Award-1993 by RFB in December–1993
  • Certificate of Appreciation-2001 by RVSS–2001
  • (Other several Awards and wide range of appreciations in different capacities).